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Art Director for Stranger House: Netflix's First Fan-Exclusive Brand Experience Event




Art Director


Stranger Things House


Brand Experience


At the Stranger House event in São Paulo, we focous on creationg an exceptional and immersive experience to promote the highly anticipated second season of the series Stranger Things. For the first time, Netflix decided to opened an event to fans, and we carefully recreated seven environments that faithfully replicated the spooky and nostalgic world of the series. This deepened fans' connection to the show and generated excitement for the upcoming season. As the art director, my objective was to oversee the creative vision and execution, ensuring that every detail, from sets to props and costumes inside the house, was designed to provide an unforgettable and authentic experience for fans.


The Stranger House event was a breathtaking, three-floor immersive experience that captivated fans and generated significant buzz. Over 5,000 fans visited the house in just three days, proving its success. Originally planned to be open for only one day, the event's overwhelming reception prompted Netflix to extend it for an additional two days. The meticulous attention to detail in replicating the show's world not only provided an unforgettable experience for fans, but also solidified Stranger Things' status as a cultural phenomenon. The event fueled anticipation for the new season, left a lasting impression on fans, and marked a significant milestone as the first immersive experience from Netflix in Brazil, showcasing the power of immersive storytelling in event promotion.

Fans arrived at Stranger House to watch the first episode of the second season of Stranger Things three days before its official launch. The event featured immersive environments, including the famous arcade, the lab, the Upside Down, Will's house, and even a Barbara memorial section, complete with the original bikes from the series. Fans were absolutely impressed with the experience, making it one of the most famous brand activations in Brazil.

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!