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Head of Creatives for in2Makering an agency focused on creating impactful brand experiences and strategies for iGaming companies.


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When I joined We Are In2, I saw that our brands had amazing potential, but we lacked a clear strategy and an organized team. Our marketing was scattered and ineffective. To change this, I focus on create a unified vision for the business and for the team. My goal was to improve operations, and our marketing strategies, and promote a culture of innovation and accountability within our creative team. This was essential to position our brands for long-term success and establish them as industry leaders. I developed a consistent strategy and a dynamic environment to achieve these objectives.


As Creative Director, I restructured the creative team to simplify task flows and boost productivity. By encouraging teamwork and creativity, I inspired innovation and accountability. I introduced tools like Figma and Jira to improve collaboration within the team. These efforts resulted in more effective marketing campaigns, improved team performance, and a stronger, unified brand presence. Our strategic realignment positioned our brands for success and united the team towards a common goal, solidifying our industry standing. These initiatives directly led to a 300% increase in gross gaming revenue (GGR) and more creative outcomes.

I led a team of copywriters and designers, improving collaboration between departments and encouraging a better understanding of tasks. By facilitating communication and processes, we achieved more creative results. This approach made workflow more efficient and bolstered cross-departmental synergy, leading to smoother project executions and elevated creative standards across the organization.

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!