Little Natives

Art Director for Little Natives narrative online game based on Brazilian Folklore tales and culture.




Project Creative Lead


Narrative Online Game


Art direction and illustration


The Nativoz game was created to immerse players in the rich and diverse universe of Brazilian folk tales and legends. With a passion for preserving and sharing cultural heritage, this visual novel takes players on a journey through enchanted forests, mystical caves, and vibrant cities, introducing them to fascinating creatures and characters that embody the spirit of Brazil. By provoking a sense of wonder, curiosity, and respect for nature and its inhabitants, Nativoz promotes the importance of preserving forests and biodiversity. Additionally, it aims to inspire a new generation of storytellers and game developers to explore and celebrate Brazilian cultural roots.


As an art director, I contributed to Nativoz's artistic vision and design. I composed the user interface and developed the game assets, including character designs, environments, and screens. I directed the team to integrate artwork and UI elements into the game. We conducted user testing and incorporating player feedback, we optimized the game's accessibility aspects, resulting in an inclusive game and immersive experience. Nativoz succeeded in showcasing the beauty and complexity of Brazilian folklore, becoming a powerful tool for education, entertainment, and social impact.

Our game research was based on two key books on Brazilian folklore: "Geografia dos Mitos" by Câmara Cascudo and "Abecedário de Personagens do Folclore Brasileiro." These invaluable references helped us explore the rich and diverse world of Brazilian folklore. We ensured each character was authentic and respectful to Brazil's indigenous peoples. By implementing accessibility features and user-friendly interfaces, we created visually appealing experiences that immersed players in the narrative, encouraging a deeper appreciation for our folklore.

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!