Spin Overdrive

Redesigning Spin's background and lobby for partypoker to improve the game experience and user interaction.


Entain . partypoker


Senior Designer


Spins Overdrive


Branding and UX.UI


Our main goal for this project was to improve the gameplay experience of the Spins game. We aimed to achieve this by introducing new features and mechanics to create a more engaging environment for players. We also focused on creating visually immersive elements to transport players into an exciting new world of adventure. These updated visual elements play a crucial role in improving user interaction within the Spins game, setting the stage for an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience.


We significantly improved the overall atmosphere and excitement by creating visually immersive backgrounds and cohesive designs. The new design ensures an enjoyable user experience, and the tile cards resulted on a intuitive navigation through various game options, optimizing user time and resulting in a more attractive, immersive experience, and more gameplay. After the new design was launched, we had an improvement in attracting both new and experienced players, providing an elevated and competitive spins experience.

I have created a cohesive and visually appealing look and feel for the lobby to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience, focusing on optimized the layout and visual hierarchy, making it effortless for players to understand and navigate the game interface making this approach ensures that every visual element enhances both the game's aesthetic appeal and functionality, promoting user engagement.

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!