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Project Lead for redesigning the avatar for the new partypoker product to improve the gaming experience.


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Project Lead


Avatars redesign


Branding and UX.UI


As the project lead for the new avatars design I lead a team with illustrators and UX/UI designers, our goal was to update the avatar project for partypoker's advanced poker platform. Initially, we focused on fixing the issues with our existing designs which lacked user testing and were based solely on internal assumptions. The cartoonish style of avatars we had did not resonate with players, which damaged the platform's credibility for real-money betting. To address this, I developed a strategic shift to a more user-centric approach, aligning our design process closely with player preferences. This involved a comprehensive user research to adopt modern and mature design principles, which aimed to increase user engagement. Overall, our commitment to understanding user needs and preferences was further emphasized by this transformative shift in our design process.


With the data we collected, we created a collaborative environment to initiate a transformative phase for the avatars. The new avatar designs received overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, greatly improving their experience and strengthening the company's brand identity. This accomplishment directly addressed the users' previous lack of trust in the platform and brand. The redesigned avatar designs were aligned with user preferences and considered suitable for real-money betting, significantly improving the overall user experience while reinforcing the brand's identity. Our strategic approach brought about a significant shift in avatar design, precisely aligning it with player preferences and resulting in increased engagement and a more impactful product offering.

We received positive feedback regarding our new design, so we decided to work on enhancing the character illustrations. To achieve this, we used sharper lines and came up with a more sophisticated, mature, and captivating concept. Our objective was to promote diversity and inclusivity, to achieve this, we conducted user tests to define and create 20 new characters for the beta phase. Among these 20 characters, 70% would be cool and serious characters, while the remaining 30% would be fun and playful characters. However, all the characters would still represent the seriousness and mature design preferred by the users.

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!

Feel free to contact me. Let's create together!